Interton Video 2400








2-(Black and White)


Built in speaker

Game Format

Built In



One more pong from the famous german manufacturer. This system is like the Video 3000 system but with paddles and without the gun option. It's very compact compared to the larger Video 2800 or Video 3000 systems.

It's based on the AY-3-8500 chip from General Instruments. It was designed to be sold worldwide as there are no text labels but only logical pictograms. The Thomson JV1T for example, is an example of rebadged Video 2400 system for foreign markets (France here).

The main particularity of the system is that despite the fact that it uses a "common" AY-3-8500 GI chipset, if offers 5 games, one more than what the chip can normally do. The bonus game is a "5 paddles" soccer game (in fact 2 paddles for left player and 3 for right one). It is a non-documented game. It is normaly possible to play it on any pong system (GI chipset powered) if you can manage to not select any game (game switch must not indicate any game). Some systems, like the Interton Video 2400 can play this game natively though.

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